Well, first off, let me share the literal background with you. I live in beautiful San Clemente, California, which is right on the border of Orange and San Diego Counties. San Clemente is famous for being the quintessential beach town, where dozens and dozens of world class surfers have grown up and/or honed their professional skills. Lost Winds is the local’s nickname for one of those iconic surf locations. The actual name of the beach is Lasuen, and that name came from Father Fermin Lasuen, who founded Mission San Juan Capistrano, just a few miles north of San Clemente. Over the years of local use, the name Lausen gradually became Lost Winds.

I chose the name Lost Winds for my travel company because for me, it evokes so much of what I personally love about life, travel and adventure (and the ocean!). You can’t get to Lost Winds beach unless you know exactly where you’re going and unless you know where the trail is, which makes it an ideal hidden gem. My philosophy about planning travel for my clients is similar in that I want to make sure you don’t get the standard, packaged vacation that anyone can get by visiting a few popular internet sites. My expertise lies in using my experience and my connections to find those hidden gems, and then create the most unique, tailor made vacation for you and your loved ones. I guarantee that the vacation I plan for you will be anything but cookie cutter and ordinary.